If you are in the process of establishing an office space and require multiple desks for your workers, be sure to find our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desk picks listed below.

We have researched hundreds of desks to find top quality, durable and valuable for money products for our customers.

In our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks, there is a selection of corner, ergonomic and heavy duty desks. Only a few of a wide selection available.

Having uniformity of the same desk in an office gives that professional feel within your workplace. Whether you are a small business trying to make an impression in your field of expertise, or a larger organisation looking to revamp your current office space, having the same style of desk promotes efficiency.

It also reduces the chance of jealousy and intimidation in the workplace as all desks would be equal creating a sense of team cohesion and togetherness in the office.

At Optimal Office, we only recommend products which we know will be suitable for our customers. We have conducted extensive research to ensure we list and promote the most suitable office equipment.

Our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desk Picks


1. Office Hippo Heavy Duty Desk

The Office Hippo Heavy Duty desk is designed to offer a quality experience for business, college and office use. This Number 1 Top Pick desk features a sturdy cantilever frame with a modesty panel and two integrated matching cable management ports included.

A 25 mm thick top made of a stain and heat resistant as well as a 2 mm protective edge banding with metal to metal fixings which help contribute to a robust, long lasting product.

Despite not having any inbuilt storage, with this desk you have the capability to add storage units underneath the frame depending on your requirements.


  • Durability
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Four Cable Access Points
  • Two person desk (if required)

This product has been listed as Number 1 on our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks because of the durability of the product, professional look and affordable price.

2. Ergonomic Crescent Desk 

At Number 2 we have chosen the Ergonomic Crescent Desk! A right hand crescent 1600mm office desk with deluxe double upright cantilever leg for greater strength. With a 25mm top, modesty panel and two cable access ports, this desk is perfect for an office or workplace. T

his desk is available in multiple colours and there is an option for a left corner instead of the right which is listed. Like the Number 1 listed, this desk does not come with storage, however there is ample room to include stand alone storage units under the desk frame to fit your requirements. 

There is also an added bonus of free delivery on Amazon to UK mainland addresses!


  • Durability
  • Sturdy Design
  • Large working space
  • Available in alternative colours and styles

This product has been listed as Number 2 on our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks because of the durability of the product, large working space and choice of designs and colours.

3. Office Computer Desk with 3 Drawers

This attractive Office Computer Desk offers a 3 Hang drawer which can be fixed to Left OR Right hand side of the desk, creating flexibility to suit all workplaces. The 3 Hang drawer is also lockable providing an opportunity to keep confidential and private material safe and secure. There is a choice of two attractive colour patterns which fit into any design of works pace regardless of the workplace style or theme.

This desk provides a professional look and has the handy attachable storage solution. It also offers two cable access ports to ensure wires are hidden and a professional look maintained.

With a width of 1.4m, this desk provides a ultimate solution for combined desk, storage and professionalism at an affordable price.


  • Combined Desk and Storage
  • Professional design
  • Affordable

This product has been listed as Number 3 on our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks because of the built in desk storage, professional look and choice of colours.

4. Large Office Corner Desk & Round Desk

At Number 4 we have chosen a Sturdy built desk with 4 drawers and an additional Round table top. Despite being slightly more expensive than the previous desks we have listed, it comes with SO much more! This large office corner desk offers a large working space as well as an additional round desk which can have a variety of uses, including a communal working area.

The round top gives the ability for you to talk face to face with other members of staff or customers. It also comes with a built in storage unit consisting of 4 good size draws, as well as two cable access points.

The 4 drawer pedestal is fully lockable with 2 keys to keep your private credentials safe and secure at all times.

Despite being large in size, this desk offers a number of benefits for any work space and is available in alternative colours and designs.


  • Large working area
  • Lockable 4 draw pedestal
  • Additional Round top working area

This product has been listed as Number 4 on our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks due to the built in lockable desk storage, additional round top and choice of colours.

5. Office Hippo Pro Right Corner Desk

This range has been designed to offer a quality experience for business, college, office and home office use at a low affordable price. Both the desk and the pedestal have 25mm thick tops made of a stain and heat resistant, as well as a 2mm thick protective edge banding.

The pedestal has 2 drawers for general storage and 1 filing drawer for A4 or foolscap filing. It is also fully lockable and features an anti-tilt mechanism which ensures the cabinet does not tip when the bottom drawer is extended.


  • 3 Draw Pedestal with anti-tilt mechanism
  • Sturdy design
  • Professional

This product has been listed as Number 5 on our Top 5 Multiple Buy Desks because of the built in lockable desk storage with filing draw an anti-tilt mechanism and all round professional design.