Did you know, you will spend somewhere between 21-35% of your life in your workplace? Surely if you were going to spend a fifth of your lifetime in an office environment, you would want it to be the best possible experience for you, your employees and/or your colleagues? Kitting your office out with the right furniture, which will have both physical and mental benefits, is a great way to build the Optimal Office working environment and people will more content about spending a big proportion of their life in it.

1. The Essentials: Desks & Chairs

When it comes to office desks and office chairs, there is so much choice! Trust us, at Optimal Office we have done the research! But what is right for your office? That will depend on a few things;

  • How much space do you have?
  • What is your budget to spend?
  • What are your desk requirements?
  • How much are you planning to spend sitting at your desk?

Now, these four factors are important as they will determine what the right desk and chair for you! We have a variety of desks and desk chairs which we have conducted reviews on … check it out!

2. Organisation Essentials: Storage Solutions

I will put money on the fact that you don’t want papers, files, folders and what ever else laying around in your office. It has been proven that people are more productive if their work is organised. Having office storage furniture is an organisation essential! Regardless of how big or small your office is, we have reviewed various storage solutions for you.

Check out our Storage Solutions for more information on the different types of office storage available.

3. Printing, Scanning and Copying

Before you ask … yes, people still print on paper! Despite everything being sent by email these days, printers, scanners and copy machines are still an essential piece of equipment for office life.

4. Meeting Areas: Communal Work Desks

Now this isn’t for everyone … we get it! If you are working from home or have an office with a small number of workers or lack office space, you probably don’t require a communal area or desk. However, if you are an up and coming organisation with multiple employees or colleagues, a communal work space or area is perfect for team cohesion, idea sharing, discussions and team meetings. If you have a large working area, why not take advantage of getting a communal work desk as a center piece for the office? There are so many options available. Check out what we found!

5. Office Extras

Have you heard the saying “you need to make a house a home?” Well, we prefer to say “you need to make your office a haven”. Your workplace should be somewhere you want to work. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed or for it to have a bad atmosphere. It needs to be somewhere that promotes productivity and has charisma. There are a few office extras which we have come across which we feel would be perfectly suited in an office environment. Have a look and let us know what you think.

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