Typically in an office environment, storage is a required due to the volume of paper, books, folders and files.

Having storage not only offers an opportunity to store things tidily and neatly, lockable storage and safes also add an element of protection for personal and sensitive material.

Storage units are very useful for offices and workspaces as they allow users to store and reduces the chance for office clutter.

“There are different kinds of storage cabinets designed in such a way that they meet the storage requirement of the user”.

Office cabinets help you to maintain files in an organised manner, while utilising storage space available. Storage units can also be the appropriate solution for both office users, as well as domestic ones. Office storage can be placed anywhere in your room, as there are multiple options available.

There are numerous benefits to having storage solutions within your office space:

  • The reduction of clutter in and around the office and an individual’s workspace.
  • There is a guaranteed Security, especially with lockable storage units and/or safes.
  • Having material around the office can create a health and safety hazard, therefore storage options ensures safety in the workplace.
  • Storage creates an opportunity for easy expansion in the workplace.
  • Enhances the effective use of office space.

Regardless of the type of business, organisation or workspace, storage is key to a smoothly operating area. Part of accomplishing this goal is the installation of a sufficient number of office storage cupboards to keep supplies and paperwork under control to prevent clutter.

There are numerous types of storage units and solutions available:

Filing Cabinets

Typically, filing cabinets are used for storing invoices and other types of paperwork. These items are often placed in alphabetic order enhancing organisation and ease of accessibility. Filing cabinets offer deep storage and have the capacity to hold large volumes of paper, folders and files with ease. There are different types of filing cabinets, including under the desk options, stand alone and built in.

Below-Desk Storage Units

Most below-desk storage units often provide a lockable option, creating an opportunity to store sensitive material close to the workspace.

You can purchase desks with built in below-desk storage units, however if this is not an option for you, many desk collections offer the purchase of additional storage units to match the style of theme of their desks. Having the same style desk and storage gives the professional look due to the same theme and continuity within your office space. Mix and match office furniture tends to give a cluttered feel and doesn’t give that professional sense matching units and colour schemes give.

Tambour Units

Tambour units are useful as they have a large capacity for storing files, boxes and stationery.  Metal shelves are often featured with metal to metal fixings offering a sturdy platform for all your storage needs. The internals of tambour units usually consist of standard shelves, roll out filing frames, roll out shelves and shelves with divider packs. Tambour units are available in different heights and widths to ensure suitability regardless of office space available.

Storage Bookcase Units

Storage bookcases are ideal to store supplies, reference books, paper documents and forms, and other important items. However, due to being large and bulky items, they do require adequate wall space to install them properly in your office.  Notwithstanding this, due to being attached to the wall, they contribute to ensuring maximum floor space available in the work environment compared to other storage solutions and options.

Other Storage Options

There is also the option of office shelving. Shelves can provide an opportunity to store at height, maximising possible floor space for other office furniture. Shelving units can look good, however they offer limited storage solutions. Shelves are typically used only to store folders, files and books. Also, they do not offer the safety and security which a standing storage unit would. There is also a health and safety risks attached to storing items at height compared to floor height storage options.

Shelving options are a cheaper option compared to buying a standing storage unit. But this option doesn’t consider the possible requirement office expansion. Therefore, it may be cost effective to buy larger storage units compared to shelving or smaller unit options in the long run.